Portal 11

Portal 11 explored the roots and vines of our mythic larp tree. This year researched the roots of our medium and the vines branching out to other forms of participative storytelling. But this year’s Portal was more than a convention as it was part of a bigger journey of finding the place of larp in the world of adult education.

About the Portal project

Three organisations from three EU countries (Croatia, Poland, and Hungary) came together to create the 2023 edition of the PoRtal Convention, the main conference and gathering of the Central Eastern European Portal community dedicated to live-action role-playing (larp) games and their implementation in adult education.

The project aims to develop, strengthen, widen, engage and bring together the PoRtaL community and to establish larp as a tool and methodology for adult education.


  • Improving the availability of high-quality learning opportunities.
  • Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff.
  • Common values, civic engagement and participation.

Project activities:

1) PoRtaL Organiser Workshop – 2022 December – Online
2) Event Design Workshop – 2023 January – Online
3) Digital Presence + Social Media Campaign – 2022 December – 2023 November – Online
4) Edu-Larp Scenario Writing Contest – 2023 February – Online
5) Portal 11 Convention – 2023 June – Offline, in Budapest
6) Dissemination Events for the Contest Winning Larps – 2023 September – November – Offline, in Hungary, Poland and Croatia

Tangible, open-source outcomes:

Video recordings of 20 Portal lectures
A digital manual on how to organise Portal conventions
A podcast series on previous experiences called Portal Talks
3 contest-winning LARP scenarios
3 LARP design documents of the winning scenarios in four languages (EN, HR, HU, PL)