PorRtaL 8 – Presentations and Streaming

Portal 8 knowledge

Here are presentations given and streaming taken during the PoRtaL 8 International LARP Conference.

All videos in one place can be found at our friends in Geexus.

Day 2

Nikola Sekulić Bleed Effect and What It Means to be an “Enemy” in LARP (presentation)

Kol Ford Mind the Gap: Barriers to Larping Faced by People from Backgrounds of Structural Poverty (presentation)

Day 3

Mike Pohjola Writing for Participation (presentation | video)

Simon Svensson How to Run a LARP and Not Go Broke (presentation | video)

Josefin Westborg Edu-larp Design Differences (presentation | video)

Zbyszek Janczukowicz EduLARP Within Erasmus+ (presentation | video)

LARP, Politics and Civic Engagement (presentation 1 | presentation 2 | video)

Daniel Fidelman LARPs in Tourism (presentation | video)

Miroslav Wranka – Business Side of larps (video)

Day 4

Esperanza Montero Internationalization of larp (presentation | video)

Nandor Laklia & Balint Mark Turi Building, Growing and Maintaining Community and Audience (presentation | video)

Christos Panagiotopoulos Applying Bartle Taxonomy of Players in LARP, Formal Game Design and Community Trends (presentation | video)

Ilina Konakchieva Technology in Fantasy LARP (presentation | video)

Elektra Diakolambrianou LARP as a Tool for Personal Development and Psychotherapy (presentation | video)